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Discover the transformational system for creating a life list filled with goals that will make your life rock, and then taking that life list and turning it
into reality.


"This has got to be the most well-organized and practical roadmap for living life to the fullest that I have ever read. " - Jeff Nickels

A Bigger Impact On Happiness Than Winning the Lottery, and Other Benefits of Creating a Life List

Here are some of the many benefits that you'll receive by creating a life list and taking the necessary steps to achieve it:

  • Studies done in the field of positive psychology show that setting significant and meaningful goals--which is the definition of a life list--will have a greater positive impact on your happiness than winning $1,000,000 in the lottery (on pages 17 - 20 you'll discover the scientific evidence that shows that a life list can make you happier than winning the lottery).
  • It's not death we fear, but getting to the end with regrets. A life list is a mechanism for leading a no-regrets life (Exercise 15 will show you how to use regrets to your advantage).
  • Having a life list and working towards achieving it puts you in the driver's seat, giving you a sense of self-responsibility which increases feelings of self-efficacy and self-worth (discover what the world's foremost expert on self-esteem has to say about this on page 28).
  • Anyone can be remarkable, by setting a remarkable goal (as part of the "How to Live Your Best Life" system you'll get "Idea Book" with 10,000 ideas for your life list, as well as "Guidebook of Dreams" with 1000 dream-triggering questions; use these ideas to set remarkable goals).
  • Creating a life list will allow you to form a clear vision of what it is that you want from life (Part II contains ten exercises which will allow you to identify what it is that you want from life).
  • Even if things temporarily go astray, a life list gives you a point in the horizon to focus on so that you can get back on track (discover an analogy to correcting your course while sailing on page 45).
  • A life list will help you to take up the challenge of transforming your daydreams into goals you can accomplish (discover how in Chapter Twenty).
  • A happiness enhancing strategy recommended by positive psychologists is to cultivate optimism by thinking and writing about your best possible future. A life list is a great tool for doing this. In addition, studies show that optimism is health enhancing and prolongs life. (In Exercise 11 you'll be imagining and writing about your best possible future.)
  • Time and energy are the coins of your life. If you simply spend your coins, they're gone. However, by creating a life list you'll be investing your coins wisely, which will bring you a positive return in the future (find out how to turn your life list into your best investment on page 44).

From Thomas A. Edison, Winston
Churchill, and Other Giants of the Past, to Today's Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford Elite . . .

"This book is a treasure-trove of synthesized wisdom!" - David Emerald

I'm Marelisa Fabrega--owner of the popular blog "Daring to Live Fully"--, and I'm well on my way to achieving my life list. How? I've invested thousands of dollars on personal development, human potential, and psychology books, workshops, and seminars in order to learn how to create my best life. By synthesizing the knowledge of great thinkers--both past and present--I've created a practical, easy-to-follow system that anyone can use to live their life to the fullest.

"How to Live Your Best Life" is the result of years of testing a myriad of different methods and strategies, and separating the wheat from the chaff. (Take a look at the sidebar to the right to see some of the things I've achieved so far).

The steps of the system are contained ten modules. Each module contains a guide packed with helpful tools, proven strategies, inspiring case studies, and result-getting techniques. The guides are also filled with exercises which have been carefully designed to help you transform the knowledge that you'll acquire into effective action.

In addition to the guides, each module comes with a set of "Take Action!" worksheets. will make you feel as if you have a life coach sitting next you, guiding you through the concrete steps that you need to take in order to create and achieve your life list.

What Do You Want?

  • To make a a list of the 20 world landmarks you want to see during your lifetime--the Eiffel Tower, the Wall of China, Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and so on--, and check one off a year? To take a one-year sabbatical and travel the world?
  • To have a relationship that rocks? To have a lifelong friend you fall in love with over and over again? Being with someone who inspires you to grow, learn, do, and be your best?
  • To have a healthy, happy family? To have a house full of kids and pets? To adopt a child?
  • To build a tribe--a pack, clan, elected family, posse, crew, network, or true friends? To be part of a group of people who share common interests and values and show genuine appreciation and care for each other?
  • To plan one big adventure a year? To go skydiving, scuba diving, swimming with dolphins, or hiking a Colorado fourteener?
  • Getting fit? Increasing your muscular strength, having more endurance, having greater flexibility and range of motion, and feeling good about the way you look? To run a 5K or a marathon?
  • To develop a healthy relationship with money? To learn how to channel wealth through your work? To learn how to care for your money and make it grow?
  • To find a hobby that satisfies your need to be more creative and that helps you to clear your mind?
  • To turn your living space into the perfect space that's customized to your needs and wants?
  • To volunteer, do charitable work, and give back to your community?
  • To follow your bliss? To do work that feels like play? To have a magnum opus -- a great work or achievement you become renown for? To have a location independent business?
  • To have a spiritual practice that allows you to connect daily with something bigger than yourself? To have a regular practice of self-reflection?
  • To become a better version of yourself each day? To be a little bit more confident, a little bit more courageous, and a little bit more patient each day?
  • To make music an important part of your life? To take a music appreciation course, learn to play an instrument, or take a dance class?

Whatever it is that you want, the "How to Live Your Best Life" system will show you how to get it.


Here Are Some of the Methods, Tips
and Resources You'll Find Inside

  • Learn how to quickly transform yourself from a victim to a creator -- learn a 12-step process for becoming a "superhero" (page 23).
  • Discover the must-have habit for accomplishing everything that you set out to do; it was used by Gandhi to achieve India's independence from Britain; it was also used by a preacher to raise the one million dollars he needed to start a vocational school (page 26).
  • A 20-part test that you can apply at a moment's notice to get yourself back into the driver's seat (page 27).
  • Why getting what you want from life doesn't depend on having wealth, an exceptional talent, or an Ivy-League education, and what it does depend on instead (this was discovered by the patriarch of the Vanderbilt family, the founder of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, and many others who lived a rags-to-riches story). This is in Chapter Two.
  • The simple three-step formula that allowed Conrad Hilton to become one of the world's greatest hotel magnates (you can begin to apply the same formula right away). This is "Trailblazer Case Study - Conrad Hilton".
  • The basic message that has been repeated by all of the wise men and prophets throughout the ages--including Jesus, Buddha, and the Roman Emperor and Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius--which is the key to getting what you want from life (page 46).
  • Seven lessons you can learn from the man known as "The World's Greatest Goal Achiever" (pages 48 - 49).
  • Discover how to silence your inner gremlin--that little voice in your head that tries to discourage you from going after what you really want (pages 54 - 55).
  • A method used by a Harvard-trained life coach to help her clients identify authentic needs and desires (page 56) .
  • Let libertarian Harry Browne, author of "How I Found Freedom In an Unfree World", show you how to escape the "Identity Trap", so that you can get back in touch with the real you (pages 57 - 59).

"A true complete guide -- recommended!" - Luciano Passuello

Uncover Your Heart's Desire
With These Powerful Exercises

Here are just some of the exercises that you'll discover in "How to Live Your Best Life" for helping you uncover exactly what it is that you want out of life:

  • Exercise 6. Your Immediate Needs: At the moment your life might be in such a state of chaos that you can't even imagine what your ideal life might look like. If this is the case, then begin by identifying your immediate needs with this exercise.
  • Exercise 9. The Flip Side: Sometimes the best way to uncover what you want is to identify what you don't want.
  • Exercise 10. Let All of Your Voice Be Heard: We all have many different voices in our head, including The Artist, The Athlete, The Lover, and others. It's very likely that you've been squelching a few of your voices. In order to live a full life you need to allow all of your voices to be heard.
  • Exercise 12. The Perfect Day: Use this guided meditation to uncover what your Perfect Day looks like. This will give you lots of clues as to what it is that you really want.
  • Exercise 13. The Obituary Exercise, With a Twist The tried and true obituary exercise--with a twist--that led a management consultant with an Oxford law degree to drop her conventional life and become the first woman to row solo across the Pacific Ocean.
  • Exercise 14. Your Five Wishes: How to identify the five things you must do so that on your deathbed you can honestly say that your life was a success.
  • Exercise 15. Top Three Regrets: Mercedes Lackey once wrote: "If only. Those must be the saddest words in the world." This exercise will show you how to use your regrets to craft the life that you really want for yourself, so that there are no "if only's" in your life.
  • Exercise 16. Your Top Strengths: Positive psychologists have discovered that using your top strengths is one of the best ways to be happy; in this exercise you'll be setting goals related to your top strengths (plus you'll discover an online tool that will help you to identify your strengths).

Plus . . .

  • 11 guidelines and 1 'litmus test' for making sure that every item REALLY belongs on your list, and that you craft a life list that fills you with enthusiasm and excitement (Chapter Eighteen).
  • Learn a vital life lesson from a Carnegie Mellon University professor who learned at the age of 46 that he had terminal cancer (page 99).
  • Three tools for drawing together the energy you're currently scattering about, and focusing it like a laser on your goals (one of these tools helped Toni Morrison win a Nobel Prize and a Pulitzer Prize). This is in Chapter Nineteen.
  • A technique for transforming vague longings and desires into targets you can easily identify and hit (page 114).
  • A method taken from the world of sports for making sure that you're continuously taking corrective action, so that you can hit your mark (page 115).
  • An experiment conducted by a college professor which revealed the one thing which made a significant difference in the grades his students received. You can apply this same "tool" to help you achieve your goals (page 116).
  • How Yale University professors make goal follow-through more likely (it involves both a carrot and a stick). This is in Chapter Twenty-Two.
  • The surprising difference that determined the financial fates of two men--it wasn't how hard they worked, how smart they were, or how many degrees they had! Learning this lesson will mean the difference between climbing a steep hill toward your goals, or sliding down a chute toward them (pages 133 - 134).
  • Two Australians weren't able to create any passive income and lead the lifestyle they wanted...until they made one change. Discover what it was on page 135.

"The ebook is empowering, challenging and supportive; it is really an exciting journey built on self-belief, commitment and action." - Ron Passfield, PhD

  • The one thing that will ensure that you get to where you want to go, regardless of where the wind is blowing (this was the tool used by Holocaust survivor Viktor E. Frankl, who went on to become one of the world's greatest psychiatrists). This is in Chapter Twenty-Four.
  • Discover how to cultivate an RUA, and why this is vital to achieving your life list (it's on pages 141 - 142).
  • What a Stanford University professor can teach you about the psychology of success (Chapter Twenty-Five).
  • The method used by a plastic surgeon--who developed many of the psychological methods used to train elite athletes--to transform the image his patients saw reflected in the mirror . . .without picking up a scalpel (Chapter Twenty-Six).
  • The tactic Tony Robbins uses to accurately predict who will accomplish their goals, and who won't--and how to make it work for you (page 152).
  • Discover six proven methods for overcoming fear (since fear is such a big obstacle for most people there's two chapters devoted to overcoming fear), including a technique used by Mark Zuckerberg--of Facebook fame--, a Japanese technique developed by a contemporary of Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, and Maria Montessori, and a technique used by entrepreneurs before starting a new venture (Chapters Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Eight).
  • The surprising truth about failure, discovered by a Harvard professor, without which success is almost impossible (page 162).
  • The technique used by Olympic diver Greg Louganis which he credits for his incredible success (this technique was also used by Wayne Douglas Gretzky--known as "the greatest hockey player ever"--, Scott Adams--the creator of the popular cartoon "Dilbert"--actor Jim Carrey, and Arnold Schwarzenegger). This is in Chapter Twenty-Nine.
  • Discover how to create a plan for achieving your goals that's so foolproof it's almost like a paint-by-number kit, telling you exactly what 'color' to put where. This is in Chapter Thirty-Two.
  • Follow a system that's so effective in shortening the learning curve for achieving any goal, that it's been successfully applied since ancient times (this was the strategy used by Steven Spielberg to become the most successful filmmaker in history by the age of 36). It's in Chapter Thirty-Three.
  • Use the same principle Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield used to sell millions of copies of their book, "Chicken Soup for The Soul", to make sure that you're taking the action necessary to achieve your goals (page 198).
  • Design a custom plan for achieving your goals by adopting the same process that Edison applied repeatedly to successfully achieve over 1,000 goals (you'll be shown how, step-by-step). It's in Chapter Thirty-Six.

"This eBook is like an action manual with a built-in personal life coach and cheerleader." — Chef Keem

Just Imagine What Your Life Could Be Like a Year From Now If You Knew the Following . . .

  • Apply a technique for uncovering your Dharma, or your next right action (page 204).
  • Leverage the principle of causality and get results faster than you ever thought possible (pages 213).
  • Stop taking detours--discover how to use a basic principle from Mark Joyner's "Simpleology - The Simple Science of Getting What You Want" to take right action and the most direct route to your goals (page 214).
  • How to use the model made popular by Dr. W. Edwards Deming, considered by many to be the father of modern quality control, to reach your objectives (page 215).
  • Two things you must create every night to ensure you accomplish EVERYTHING you want (pages 220 to 223).
  • The one thing you need to do in order to live a "Hell Yeah!" life (page 224).
  • How to set up an auto-pilot for the steps that you MUST take to accomplish your goals, making them almost effortless (Aristotle declared this was the only way to achieve excellence). This is in Chapter Forty.
  • Use one of the tools that John D. Rockefeller--widely held to be the wealthiest American in the history of the United States--applied to ensure he would successfully complete his goals (Chapter Forty-One).
  • Implement a strategy used by Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo--as well as the other artists of the Renaissance--, to keep motivated and to continually strive to improve their craft and achieve ever grander feats (page 237).
  • Learn the motivational tools used by the world's greatest achievers, including the one that Michael Phelps used to help him win eight gold medals in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games (and then go on to become the most decorated Olympian of all time in the London 2012 Summer Olympics). This is on page 244.

"By the end of the book, you'll discover and have written out exactly what it is you want to do in your life -- and how you're going to get there." - Sid Savara

  • Seven strategies for climbing over, going under, and getting around obstacles (Chapter Forty-Four).
  • Ten people who will show you that the universe rewards effort, not excuses (page 258).
  • The common trait that "geniuses" have in common, which can be developed. This trait was responsible for the success enjoyed by Thomas A. Edison, Mozart, Isaac Newton, Einstein, Charles Darwin, Goethe, and many others (Chapter Forty-Five).
  • Discover how the Navy SEALs get through "Hell Week", and use the same technique to buff up your perseverance muscles (pages 262 - 263).
  • Eight techniques recommended by the world's top psychologists for strengthening your willpower (Chapter Forty-Six).
  • A five-step process for asking for what you want that will allow you to dramatically accelerate the speed at which you achieve your goals (Chapter Forty-Seven).
  • The discovery made by researchers studying ways to get people to stop smoking which you can use if you slip up while pursuing your goals (this technique will get you back on track). This is in Chapter Forty-Eight.
  • The principle used by the 56 signers of the US Declaration of Independence to forge ahead, even though they knew they were either signing a license of freedom for all mankind, or their own death sentences. This principle was largely responsible for the success enjoyed by Henry Ford, Thomas A. Edison, and Harvey S. Firestone (Chapter Forty-Nine).

"The book is a delightful mix of anecdotes, information, inspiration and helpful exercises." - Margo Arrowsmith

Here's What You'll Be Getting . . .


The "How to Live Your Best Life" ebook (288 Pages, PDF format) contains everything you read about above, and more.

The eBook is a synthesis of the best tips, strategies, techniques, and nuggets of wisdom found in over 1,000 books ranging from the success literature of 200 years ago, to modern-day psychology books.

In addition, it contains the insights I've gained while crossing items off of my own life list. All of this knowledge and wisdom is arranged in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step system.

"How to Live Your Best Life" also contains 40 exercises that will allow you to shift straight into action mode.



Plus, you'll be receiving the "Create and Achieve Your Life List Workbook", which contains 50 "Take Action!" Worksheets. Going through this workbook



As an added benefit, "How to Live Your Best Life" includes full audio. You'll receive an MP3 file for each chapter of the ebook.

You can listen to each chapter as you read along, or download the MP3 files to your iPod and listen to the ebook as you go for a jog, walk the dog, or do the dishes.


Here's the Annotated Table of Contents for "How to Live Your Best Life - The Essential Guide For Creating and Achieving Your Life List":



As Part of the System You'll Also Be Getting . . .


The One-Hour-A-Day Formula


Most people believe that in order to make an important change in their lives--pursue their dream career, become a published author, find a way to create multiple streams of passive income, learn to play the guitar, and so on--they need to have a large chunk of free time at their disposal.

However, in order to change your life, all that you really need is one hour a day. "The One Hour-A-Day-Formula: How to Achieve Your Dreams In Just One Hour a Day" will show you how to use the odds and ends of time to achieve what you want from life.

It's a 189-Page eBook, and you get it as part of the "How to Live Your Best Life" system. In addition, it comes with "The One-Hour-A-Day Formula Workbook" which contains 46 Dream Sheets to propel you into action-mode. (Read more.)


Make It Happen!

What life dream have you been procrastinating on? Whether it's saving for a trip to China, going back to school, applying for a grant, or training for a marathon, "Make It Happen! A Workbook for Overcoming Procrastination and Getting the Right Things Done", will help you get started on your dream and see it through to completion.

There is no such thing as a procrastination gene. Procrastinating is a learned behavior and, just as you learned it, you can unlearn it. Whoever you are, or whatever your life situation is at the moment, this workbook is going to help you drop the procrastination habit, and replace it with the habit of taking action.

"Make It Happen!" is a 143 page PDF, and you get it as part of the "How to Live Your Best Life" system. (Read more.)


Guidebook of Dreams



Anthony Robbins once said, "Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers."

"Guidebook of Dreams - 1,000 Triggers for Uncovering Your Heart's Desire" contains 1,000 questions which will help you to uncover what it is that you really want from life. It's divided into 10 different life areas, with 100 insightful questions for each life area.

"Guidebook of Dreams" is a 212 page PDF, and you get it as part of the "How to Live Your Best Life" system. (Read more.)


Live Your Best Life Workbooks


To have a life that rocks, plan one adventure a year. In "Live Your Best Life Workbook - Adventures" you'll find everything you need to draft your plan of the adventures you want to experience.

"Live Your Best Life Workbook - Adventures" is a 189-Page PDF with over 22,500 words. It contains 71 worksheets, 285 images, links to helpful web sites and videos, and over 550 ideas so that you can begin planning the adventures that you want to go on right away. You get it as part of the "How to Live Your Best Life" system.




To have a life that rocks, get fit. In "Live Your Best Life Workbook - Fitness" you'll find everything you need to draft your plan of how you're going to get fit.

"Live Your Best Life Workbook - Fitness" is a 162-Page PDF with over 20,000 words. It contains 70 worksheets, 171 images, links to helpful web sites and videos, and over 1000 ideas so that you can begin planning your fitness strategy right away. You get it as part of the "How to Live Your Best Life" system.




To have a life that rocks, you need to get your finances in order. In "Live Your Best Life Workbook - Finances" you'll find everything you need to draft your plan of how to create wealth through your work, take care of your money, and put it to good use.

"Live Your Best Life Workbook - Finances" is a 105-Page PDF with over 11,500 words. It contains 42 worksheets, 50 images, links to helpful web sites and videos, and over 500 ideas so that you can begin planning your financial strategy right away. You get it as part of the "How to Live Your Best Life" system.


The Idea Book Series

The "Idea Book" series is comprised of 18 eBooks, containing a total of 10,000 bucket list ideas. You'll discover all of the inspiration that you'll need to create a bucket list--dream list, wish list, or life list--that will make you feel happy to be alive!

The "Idea Book" series contains ideas for every life area, including travel, adventure, finances, fitness, sports, education, lifestyle, spirituality, contributions, hobbies, and more. You'll receive the entire series--all 18 eBooks--as part of the "How to Live Your Best Life" system.(Read more.)



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I'm confident that "How to Live Your Best Life" will show you how to decide what it is that you want in every area of your life, how to create a blueprint to achieve everything that you want, and how to start taking steps to move in that direction. However, if you feel that it's not right for you, then send me an email within 45 days of purchase and I will send you a refund.


P.S. This is the system that I've used to achieve goals ranging from getting a law degree at a top US institution, to visiting the Egyptian pyramids. Get the "How to Live Your Best Life" system now, and start creating and achieving your life list right away.

P.S.S. If you have any questions about "How to Live Your Best life", just ask and I'll be happy to answer them for you. I also look forward to reading your success stories. Send me an email.